Peer-Reviewed Articles

Disclaimer: This website was active from 2010 to 2012. This is an archived version of the National LCFS Project Website and content may be out of date.

These seven peer-reviewed papers will be published in the scientific journal Energy Policy in a special issue on low carbon fuel policies.

Analysis Of Iluc Impacts Under LCFS Policy: Exploring Impact Pathways And Mitigation Options
Energy Policy, submitted
Authors: Msangi, Siwa, Miroslav Batka, Julie Witcover, and Sonia Yeh

Stacking Low Carbon Policies on the Renewable Fuels Standard: Economic and Greenhouse Gas Implications
Energy Policy, in press
Authors: Huang, Haixiao, Madhu Khanna, Hayri Onal, and Xiaoguang Chen

Addressing Uncertainty in Life-Cycle Carbon Intensity in a National Low-Carbon Fuel Standard
Energy Policy, manuscript draft
Authors: Griffin, W Michael, Matthew Kocoloski, Kimberley A Mullins, and Aranya Venkatesh

Fuel Electricity And Plug-In Electric Vehicles In A Low Carbon Fuel Standard
Energy Policy, in press
Authors: Yang, Christopher

Tradable Credits System Design And Cost Savings For A National Low Carbon Fuel Standard For Road Transport
Energy Policy, in press
Authors: Rubin, Jonathan, and Paul N. Leiby

Energy Security Implications of a National Low Carbon Fuel Standard
Energy Policy, in press
Authors: Leiby, Paul N., and Jonathan Rubin

Policy Options to Address Global Land Use Change from Biofuels
Energy Policy, submitted
Authors: Witcover, Julie, Sonia Yeh, and Daniel Sperling