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Disclaimer: This website was active from 2010 to 2012. This is an archived version of the National LCFS Project Website and content may be out of date.


Policy Design & Analysis

How to Fix America’s Fuel Future (2012)
Daniel Sperling and Madhu Khanna

Bringing Science Back to the Keystone Pipeline Decision (2012)
Daniel Sperling

Toward a Global Low Carbon Fuel Standard (2010)
Transport Policy
Daniel Sperling and Sonia Yeh

Low Carbon Fuel Standards: Implementation Scenarios and Challenges (2010)
Energy Policy
Daniel Sperling and Sonia Yeh

Transforming the Oil Industry into the Energy Industry (2009)
Access (University of California Transportation Center)
Daniel Sperling and Sonia Yeh

Low Carbon Fuel Standards (2009)
Issues in Science and Technology
Daniel Sperling and Sonia Yeh

A low-carbon fuel standard for California, Part 1: Technical analysis (2007)
Alexander E. Farrell and Daniel Sperling

A Low-Carbon Fuel Standard for California, Part 2: Policy Analysis (2007)
Alexander E. Farrell and Daniel Sperling

Land Use Change Impacts

Effects of US maize ethanol on global land use and greenhouse gas emissions: Estimating market-mediated responses (2010)
Thomas W. Hertel, Alla A. Golub, Andrew D. Jones, Michael O’Hare, Richard J. Plevin and Daniel M. Kammen

Economic Studies

The Market-Mediated Effects of Low Carbon Fuel Policies (2012)
Xiaoguang Chen, Madhu Khanna

Can biofuels be a solution to climate change? The implications of land use change-related emissions for policy (2011)
Madhu Khanna, Christine L. Crago and Mairi Black

Meeting the Mandate for Biofuels: Implications for Land Use, Food and Fuel Prices (2012)
Xiaoguang Chen, Haixiao Huang, Madhu Khanna, Hayri Önal

Market and social welfare effects of the renewable fuels standard (2010)
Amy W. Ando, Madhu Khanna and Farzad Taheripour

Scenarios and Feasibility

An integrated biogeochemical and economic analysis of bioenergy crops in the Midwestern United States (2010)
Atul K Jain, Madhu Khanna, Mathew Erickson, Haixiao Huang

Global Scenarios for Biofuels: Impacts and Implications (2008)
Mark Rosegrant, Tingju Zhu, Siwa Msangi, Timothy Sulser


Biofuels production in developing countries: assessing tradeoffs in welfare and food security (2009)
Mandy Ewing, Siwa Msangi

Implementing Performance-Based Sustainability Requirements for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard – Key Design Elements and Policy Considerations (2009)
Sonia Yeh, Daniel A. Sumner, Stephen R. Kaffka, Joan M. Ogden, Bryan M. Jenkins

Carbon Intensity of Fuels

Uncertainty Analysis of Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Petroleum-Based Fuels and Impacts on Low Carbon Fuel Policies (2010)
Aranya Venkatesh, Paulina Jaramillo, W. Michael Griffin, and H. Scott Matthews

Policy Implications of Uncertainty in Modeled Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Biofuels (2010)
Kimberley A. Mullins, W. Michael Griffin, and H. Scott Matthews

Determining marginal electricity for near-term plug-in and fuel cell vehicle demands in California: Impacts on vehicle greenhouse gas emissions (2010)
Ryan McCarthy, Christopher Yang

Energy Security and the Oil Market

Estimating the Energy Security Benefits of Reduced U.S. Oil Imports (2007)
Paul N. Leiby

Oil Independence: Achievable National Goal or Empty Slogan? (2007)
Greene , D.L., P.N. Leiby, P.D. Patterson, S.E. Plotkin and M. Singh

Reassessing the Oil Security Premium (2010)
Brown and Huntington