Stakeholder Comments

The comments provided by stakeholders have significantly improved the quality of our work. Thank you.

November 2012
Consumer Energy Alliance
"Critique of the UC Davis National Low Carbon Fuel Standard Study"
NLCFS Team Response
"National Low Carbon Fuel Standard Research Team Responds to CEA Critique Of National LCFS Report"
July 2012
Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
"Response to National Low Carbon Fuel Standard Study"1
American Petroleum Institute
American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (formerly National Petroleum Refiners Association)
Western States Petroleum Association
"Webinars hosted by the University of California on the National Low Carbon Fuels Standard Study"1
NERA Economic Consulting
"Peer Review comments on UC Davis study of a National LCFS"1

1 Comments made following presentation of preliminary research results in a series of webinars between April and June 2011. Posted with permission.